The Einstein Event (a novel)

The Einstein Event (aka The Phenomenon) is a story I have been kicking around for over a decade. Originally a screenplay set in the post-9-11 world, the story seems more relevant today. (Visit The Einstein Event website)

*** warning: spoilers ***

April 22, 2024: An unexplainable event produces a phenomenon that is experienced by every person on Earth. Within hours, the United States joins governments around the world implementing new emergency shelter-in-place procedures. Without notice, the world is in lockdown again and the only thing everyone on earth is wondering is: “What was that thing?”, “What did it do to us?” and “Who are those people at the Albert Einstein memorial in Washington, DC?”

Inexplicably, there was no evidence that the phenomenon that everyone experienced had even occurred except that everyone had experienced it. The only clue the world had were cell phone recordings of a man frozen and floating in front of the Einstein memorial statue, his young daughter running up to him and grabbing his leg, and his wife pulling her away before rushing back to her young son, all of whom were quickly whisked away by emergency responders. Whether the man was actually surrounded by ball of “light” (the same light that occurred during the event), as eye witnesses reported, was anyone’s guess.

After a week-long international quarantine ends, Anna Jones and her two young children are identified by the news media and released by the government without being allowed to see her husband Aran, whom she is told is unharmed and apparently asleep.

After blowing up the government cover story, Anna’s popularity grows and her eldest son helps her navigate her newfound (and long-desired) fame. Aran, meanwhile, is studied by a collection of the world’s preeminent scientists within a secret-not secret laboratory built around the Einstein Memorial on Washington’s National Mall.

In the months leading up to the 2024 Presidential election, Anna’s media crusade to allow her and the children see Aran evolves into legitimate celebrity. Over the same time, Aran spends months in REM sleep as his dreams seemingly alter his physiology. The pink orb that surrounds him and the phenomenon that apparently created it remain undetectable to anything but the naked eye.

Book one of the trilogy, The Phenomenon, begins the story of an all-American family trapped in the center of a global mystery, and global fame. The remainder of the novel is a suspenseful thriller, a rom-com mystery that touches on themes as diverse as celebrity and fame; civil liberties and privacy rights; magic, science, and religion; humanity’s relationship with animals; respect for ancient traditions and cultures; and Buddhist compassion.

Inspired by an Einstein quote the story considers our relationship with the world around us. At its heart however, it’s the story of a family and the lives they touch as they navigate a great change.

Please contact me is you’re interested in reading Book 1: The Phenomenon for serious feedback:

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