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The Best Ways To Experience Elephants In Thailand (And Cambodia)

An old friend recently contacted me about elephant camps in Thailand.  His daughter is studying to be a veterinarian and asked if I could recommend somewhere for her to volunteer with elephants in Thailand.  From my experience researching and writing travel guidebooks for National Geographic, I’ve visited many elephant camps in Thailand and Cambodia andContinue reading “The Best Ways To Experience Elephants In Thailand (And Cambodia)”

Planet Asia Podcast Discussion: Expat Business Owners in Asia Make Great Friends

Smiling Albino’s Scott Coates and Trevor Ranges discuss how a network of expat business owners can enhance travel in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, or Nepal.  From Koh Samui to Ratanakiri, expat business owners not only provide great hospitality, but also have the passion for and knowledge about their adopted homes that help make Smiling Albino adventuresContinue reading “Planet Asia Podcast Discussion: Expat Business Owners in Asia Make Great Friends”

Planet Asia Podcast: Visit Angkor temples by Elephant, Bicycle, Balloon, or Boat!

Explore Cambodia’s Angkor temples by tuk tuk, bicycle, elephant, hot air balloon, or even motorcycle sidecar; Smiling Albino’s Scott Coates and National Geographic Traveler: Cambodia author Trevor Ranges discuss the many enjoyable transportation options for exploring Cambodia’s Angkor temples on Planet Asia Podcast. Listen to our discussion about Different Ways to Explore Angkor Temples onContinue reading “Planet Asia Podcast: Visit Angkor temples by Elephant, Bicycle, Balloon, or Boat!”

Planet Asia Podcast – Motorbiking In Thailand

Smiling Albino Co-Founder Daniel Fraser talks with Trevor Ranges about motorbiking in Thailand, including the excellent selection of motorcycles available, the scenic roads Daniel has discovered, and the unforgettable experiences that await future guests on one of Smiling Albino’s great Thailand motorbike adventures!  Listen to Daniel and Trevor discuss motorbiking in Thailand, following up onContinue reading “Planet Asia Podcast – Motorbiking In Thailand”


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