My Plastic Footprint

My Plastic Footprint mobile application and website were designed to be an easy, fun, and functional way to track and reduce plastic usage, offering methods for decreasing plastic consumption through expert advice and community tips, maps and menus of restaurants using non-plastic packaging, an online shop to purchase plastic-alternative products, and opportunities to clean up plastic waste and offset plastic consumption.

In 2017, I began this project to help young people track and reduce their plastic usage in an easy, fun, and educational way. In early 2018, I had received a pledge to fund the initial version of the app and was accepted into a Singaporean-sponsored start-up incubator program in Bangkok when I suddenly and unexpectedly relocated to Cambodia, where I currently reside (June 2020). I continue to look for partners to help me develop the app and introduce it to school groups here in Cambodia and the world. 

To get involved, contact:

Visit the My Plastic Footprint Website for more information.

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