About Trevor Ranges

TrevWorkTrevor Ranges is a Bangkok-based freelance travel writer/editor, professional coach for graduate school applicants, and aspiring children’s book author.

Trevor has published travel guide content with Fodors and National Geographic about Thailand and Laos, and is the author of National Geographic Traveler: Cambodia, 1st edition.  He has also worked on numerous projects for the Tourism Authority of Thailand, including the official website www.TourismThailand.org, for which he was principal author/editor.

After enrolling the University of Hawaii EMBA program in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and the Asia Pacific Leadership Program at the East-West center in Honolulu, Hawaii, Trevor spent some time working with his good friends at Smiling Albino in Bangkok, producing content for Planet Asia Travel Channel, including numerous blogs and podcasts.

Trevor is currently co-hosting a new podcast, Talk Travel Asia with Scott Coates and helping developing a new online travel resource modeled on an initial website: YayThailand, for which he is chief writer/editor.  He is currently based in Bangkok, Thailand.


7 thoughts on “About Trevor Ranges

  1. Hi Trevor I am friend with Matt Sellars in Seoul. He wanted me to connect with and you with the project The Three Wise Monkeys.
    If you would like to submit something about your travels or studies or anything else please do so.

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